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What You Shouldn’t Do When Remodeling a Kitchen

Rules From a Commercial Construction Contractor


If you have problems deciding what to make for lunch, a kitchen renovation can feel challenging. But it doesn’t matter which faucet or backsplash tiles you want. As long as you focus on functionality and comfort, you’ll be thrilled with your new space. Below are the 3 rules that can lead to great results from a commercial construction contractor.


Don’t use fragile materials

Looks can be deceiving; just because something looks pretty, it doesn’t mean it’s going to improve your life. For a kitchen, make sure to use durable materials. Limestone may look enticing, but it’s susceptible to moisture. Additionally, marble is susceptible to staining and etching, while recycled glass countertops can crack and chip much easier than other options even if they seem sleek. Quartz is the wisest option for your kitchen renovation if you want the look but don’t want to deal with any problems in the future.


Never ignore the cabinets

Today, there are a few reasons to consider reducing the number of cabinets. Maybe you want a window over the sink or you’re aiming for a minimalistic design. While the idea of reducing the number of cabinets and avoiding clutter for a more aesthetic appeal might sound good, where are you going to store your kitchen utensils? Never forgo cabinets during a renovation unless you already have more than enough. To make an informed decision, talk to your local commercial construction contractor.


Don’t use cheap products

Whether you hire a remodeling contractor or it’s a DIY renovation, kitchen remodeling is always expensive, but don’t try to save money by installing low-quality appliances. This might mean you can’t get that energy-efficient and fancy light fixture just because you want to stay on budget. But having much-needed durable and energy-efficient items is more important than having a fixture that doesn’t contribute to your needs.


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